Virtual Landmarks for Darrius Gothly

DGP4SL Teleporter Store VLM Hash: P6N5Av
Level 1 Main Level - The DG Sign Flyer Point to Point Teleporter Demo Area Serena Midnight Star
Level 2 Second Level - DG Flyer and Related Teleporters Serena Midnight Star
Level 3 Third Level - More demonstrations of the DG Flyer and Related series of Teleporters Serena Midnight Star
Level 4 Top Level - Yet more demonstrators and samples of the DG Flyer and Related Teleporters Serena Midnight Star
iGlom RDS Redelivery Kiosk Purchases of DGP4SL Products from the SL Marketplace may be redelivered using the iGlom RDS Redelivery Kiosk Serena Midnight Star
DGP4SL Slide Shows and Picture Frames VLM Hash: hws7zf
1-Prim Insta-Flip Slide Show The first and original DGP4SL Slide Show. Featuring our unique Instant Rez technology so you never see blurry images again. Serena Midnight Star
1-Prim Fade2Black Slide Show The same technology that made the Insta-Flip Slide Show so popular, but with a fade transition between images. Serena Midnight Star
2-Panel Slide Show Unique transitions, multiple patterns, two images shown at once, and all in only 3 prims. The best multi-image slide show available. Serena Midnight Star
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